Insurance claims Emergency Plumber Plymouth can help with

Top 10 insurance claims

People under estimate the importance of high quality work when it comes to plumbing jobs after an emergency. 3 out of 10 insurance claims are plumbing related according to Tesco’s insurance statistics.

    1.Accidental damage
    3.Escape of water
    5.Accidental Loss
    6.Frozen food loss

Information from tesco

At Emergency Plumber Plymouth we only use fully trained engineers who are qualified.

Our staff can always advise our customers on how to avoid more damage in the future i.e. How to turn the water off inside the house and outside in an emergency.

With the cost of energy rising 40% since 1990, at emergency plumber Plymouth we can advise you on replacing equipment such as:

  • Thermostat control installed in a room can save 15% on your home heating a year
  • A high-efficiency boiler with heating control could cut your bills by as much as 23%

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